Sunday, 3 February 2013

Factors Motivating Genghis Khan's Conquests

Why did Genghis Khan begin to conquer nations and accumulate vast treasures?  The real reason is surprisingly simple- Survival! The weather over time had brought drought that devastated the grasslands of Mongolia. Farming was almost nonexistent and game was extremely scarce. His father had been murdered when he was a small boy and their tribe cast him and his family out.  As a teen he even killed his half-brother over food that the brother had stolen from the family. The tribes fought over the remaining grasslands and the meager food supplies.  After coming to manhood Temujin (aka Genghis Khan) made alliances with his father’s friends eventually becoming the leader of their tribe. He fought on and prevailed uniting the nation. 

Still there was extreme hardship so he looked beyond the country’s borders. First he chose to conquer states and Dynasties to the east and south. He believed the wealth of their people had made them weak.  The Mongol warriors had been toughened by a harsh life had taken to his military training, advanced tactics, and strict discipline

Then he sought trade and trade partners with the leaders of rich lands along the Silk Road only to have his caravan attacked and his ambassadors murdered. These arrogant rulers had taken him lightly which was a huge mistake because it enraged Genghis Khan who went on to destroy their cities and kill their people. Genghis Khan grew up at a place and time when nothing was wasted so he stripped these nations of everything of value! Several other western conquests followed these wars.

From that point more and more peoples offered their allegiance to the Mongol ruler whose power grew daily. Soon even the enormously rich states like the Jin and Western Xia (now part of modern day China). The spoils and plunder were immense and were taken back to the Mongol capital. History detailed how Genghis Khan believed gold, silver and jewels had softened the peoples that defied him and that he slaughtered.

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