Thursday, 25 April 2013

New Five Star Review on Goodreads!

Leigh Dusol
I just purchased this great new e novel about the most immense treasure ever seen_The Guardian of Genghis Khans tomb has just been released for sale by Amazon. On an expedition to a remote Asian river valley a lovely English paleontologist's discovers a buried item that personally belonged to Genghis Khan. The find starts a race between Russia, China and the United States to find that grave. The young scientist and her handsome American sponsor attempt to head off any conflict , The Guardian of Genghis Khan's tomb is sworn to protect the burial site and the enormous treasure . With both Russian and Chinese armies at the borders poised to invade, will his beloved nation a fledgling democracy be overrun and will a major war among superpowers break out? You must read this thrilling book to find out. Unable to sleep after opening the book, I had to find out what happened. I did three hours later. I highly recommend Michael B. Hicklands The guardian of Genghis Khans Tomb!(less)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Was Genghis Khan's Your Ancestor?

While it’s impressive just how many countries and millions of square miles of land Genghis Khan conquered, it may be that his greatest accomplishment was fathering so many offspring. By the year 1260 it was estimated that 20,000 people were his direct descendants. Genetic scientists have determined that today there are countless millions that are related to the Great Conqueror.

It is not surprising that the spoils of his wars must have included hundreds of young women that were brought to his bed. Many must have left it pregnant. Today it is estimated that 1 in 200 people carry the genes of Genghis Khan. Below you will find links with articles that speak to the genetic impact of Genghis Khan.

Also you will note that not everyone believes that he was really Green because of the genocide for which he was responsible. These skeptics say that the Global Warming proponents are merely ‘trying to use historical lemons to make lemonade’ to support their arguments!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Is Genghis Khan a Hero to Global Warming Advocates?

According to papers released to support the argument that Global Warming threatens the planet, Genghis Khan may have done more to cool the planet than anyone else in history.

The Great Conqueror was responsible for slaughtering an estimated 40,000,000 people from 1206 until 1227. The logic the advocates use is that the humans then had cleared forests to make the land suitable for farming. Trees not only produce oxygen but absorb carbon dioxide. Furthermore, people and their livestock create huge amounts of methane gas which they reason causes the earth’s temperature to rise.

Genghis Khan’s widespread genocide they figure accomplished two things benefiting the environment. The first was that it eliminated a major and recurring source of methane. Second, it allowed for the natural reforestation of 22% of the earth’s land. They theorize that Genghis Khan’s mass murders resulted in a reduction in 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

The Mother Nature Network reports that Julia Pongratz and her colleague Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institute’s Department of Global Ecology espouse these ideas and position.