Sunday, 14 April 2013

Was Genghis Khan's Your Ancestor?

While it’s impressive just how many countries and millions of square miles of land Genghis Khan conquered, it may be that his greatest accomplishment was fathering so many offspring. By the year 1260 it was estimated that 20,000 people were his direct descendants. Genetic scientists have determined that today there are countless millions that are related to the Great Conqueror.

It is not surprising that the spoils of his wars must have included hundreds of young women that were brought to his bed. Many must have left it pregnant. Today it is estimated that 1 in 200 people carry the genes of Genghis Khan. Below you will find links with articles that speak to the genetic impact of Genghis Khan.

Also you will note that not everyone believes that he was really Green because of the genocide for which he was responsible. These skeptics say that the Global Warming proponents are merely ‘trying to use historical lemons to make lemonade’ to support their arguments!

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