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It's here!

It's here!

Since Genghis Khan’s death in 1227, countless searches for his tomb have been launched without success. Their motivation is that it is both logical and possible that the largest treasure and store of wealth the world has ever known is buried with him. You may be wondering how this can be? If you look at a modern map, Genghis Khan’s territory would include thirty countries—and more than three billion people! Treasure hunters have been in a frenzy to find the tomb for centuries. In fact, several people have publicly proclaimed to have found the grave site but have been proven wrong. My point is that despite all this potential incentive, why hasn’t it been located? Currently scientists using satellite imaging and ground penetrating radar have located a few pottery shards and some images of an underground structure, believing that the tomb may be within reach. The discovery of these relics generated a Newsweek story on the subject but, in my humble opinion, they are celebrating prematurely.

This blog is the result of my desire to share my three years of research on the Great Conqueror, Genghis Khan. This is in preparation for my historical e-novel that will be released later this year. Who am I? My name is Michael B. Hickland. I’m an author, retired corporate executive and amateur history buff. I’m a graduate of the University of Florida and attended Delaware Law School. During my earlier career I traveled extensively to many countries. In Asia, the Mongol ruler dominates history like no other and I am both fascinated and intrigued by this enigmatic leader. So, I decided to devote myself to learning and writing about him.

I will be offering both facts and context about the events that shaped the boy, the man, the leader, the conqueror and his motivation through my entries. Furthermore, I will provide information and speculation on the effects of the treasure on individuals and nations as history has unfolded. My book will be historical fiction.
But for now, here are some facts;

A multimillionaire from Chicago, Maury Kravitz, financed an American-Mongolian expedition in 2001 to search for the tomb. He had also done his own research.
The American noted that a multi-year Japanese expedition had ended in 1992 after finding tomb after tomb.  None of them were Genghis Khan’s. Kravitz also claimed he knew where to find 'the Great Khan'.

Christopher Bellamy, a journalist in the UK wrote in 1994 that, “The ancient conqueror's hidden grave may out-dazzle Tutankhamen's treasure.”
“In the 12th and 13th Centuries he defeated the most advanced empires of his time: the Shah of Khwarizm in the Middle East, the Sultan of Delhi and the Chin Empire in China. From eastern Asia his generals conquered the wealthy principalities of Russia. They pressed on as far as Hungary. The booty yielded by his conquests was incalculable.”
Quoting Kravitz, Bellamysaid that “at first the Mongols did not know what to do with the cities they had conquered. Later, they removed anything of value from the cities. From 1212 through to Genghis's death on 18 August 1227, there was a constant flow of treasure back to Karakorum, the imperial capital. Not one single piece of that wealth has surfaced. It is fair to assume, given the size of the burial party - 2,000 excavators and 800 soldiers, that it was all buried. It would be a hundred Tutankhamens in one.”
According to legend, every one of those excavators and soldiers were killed after their work was done to protect the secret location of the tomb’s treasures.

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This blog is all about Genghis Khan. Expect to see in coming entries a Genghis Khan biography, Genghis Khan facts, Genghis Khan tomb, Genghis Khan burial information, Genghis Khan quotes and snippets from my upcoming Genghis Khan book.
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