Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What ramifications would ensue from the discovery of Genghis Khan's Tomb and Treasure?

If after 800 years of searching the tomb of the Mongol conqueror with a massive treasure was discovered today what are the likely consequences? The potential results would be a huge problem for the Mongolian government.

First the tomb of  their national hero is considered sacred by so many Mongols. If in their eyes it was being desecrated it might create civil unrest in the nation.

Second thieves, grave robbers and treasure hunters would be planning how to get their hands on its wealth . Every security measure available would be needed to protect the tomb

If the crypt was respectfully excavated by top archaeologists, it would take years to do so. 
Each artifact must be carefully removed, cleaned and cataloged.Meanwhile an interested world would be clamoring for information. 

Because Genghis Khan conquered such a vast area covering so many countries today the some of the items might be identifiable by experts as to their places of origin. Iran, Russia, Iraq, India, China, Korea and many others might seek redress. This information could spawn lawsuits by nations, religious institutions and individuals seeking recovery of the artifacts thereby flooding the courts. The problem for the plaintiffs is that it might decades if not generations to get even
questionable resolutions.

If the value and scope of the treasure is as enormous as many speculate, countries might take matters into their own hands. Such a scenario is described in "The Guardian of Genghis Khan's Tomb"
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